The Wairaurahiri River Jet boat is designed specifically for use in the swift white water of Fiordland's Wairaurahiri River. Built from high grade marine aluminum, the hull is designed for maximum maneuverability and strength. It is powered by a strong V8 engine and Hamilton jet unit.

This is a true Adventure boat for an extreme adventure.

Length: 20 feet
Built from: Marine grade alloy
Number of Seats: 12 seater plus packs
Engine: 377 cubic-inch EFI V8 Merc-cruiser

We provide:
All safety gear including lifejackets and survival gear, Wet weather coat and pants if needed.

Please bring:
• A change of warm clothes
• Wet weather gear
• Walking boots
• Sun glasses

Jet Boating History

Jet Boating came into being through the inventive genius of New Zealander CWF (Bill) Hamilton, who was looking for a means of boating on the swift, shallow rivers of the South Island high country where he farmed.

Bill Hamilton developed the concept of the jet boat when he ruled out as impractical the use of a conventional external propellor (easily damaged in shallow rivers) to push boats along.

He devised the revolutionary jet system when he used an internal propeller (impeller) to suck water through a chamber on his boat then force it out through a moveable nozzle to provide both propulsion and maneuverability.

The modern jet boats of today still utilises the basic technology that Bill Hamilton developed so many years ago.